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Make an elephant-sized stamp on recycling in Torbay

They say elephants never forget, and an unforgettable blue inflatable elephant is coming to Torbay to help you Remember to Recycle.

The elephant, part of Torbay Council’s Remember to Recycle campaign, is visiting locations across the Bay during July and August as part of a road show to help people remember to reduce their household waste by recycling. There is also the chance to win a family ticket to Paignton Zoo by entering the Spot the Elephant competition.

People in Torbay are doing more than ever to recycle their waste, with just over 41% of waste being diverted from landfill - a significant improvement from even just a few years ago.

However, there's still lots that can be done to cut down on the cost of waste disposal and to increase recycling rates. Torbay Council’s recycling campaign is working to help people in the Bay to remember to recycle more of the everyday items they throw away.

With households having access to weekly kerbside recycling collections of food waste and common household waste items such as paper, cardboard, glass bottles and jars, plastic packaging and cans, it's easier than ever to recycle in Torbay. 

Councillor David Thomas, Torbay Council’s Deputy Mayor and Executive Lead for Spatial Planning, Housing, Waste and Energy said: “Sending waste to landfill costs Torbay Council £107 per tonne and much of this waste could have been either reduced, reused or recycled.
“This money could be spent on providing worthwhile services in the community. It’s also important to remember that recycling is much better for the environment than sending waste to landfill. Disposing of food waste in landfill is particularly harmful as it releases methane gas as it rots, which is more than 23 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.

“So next time you're about to throw something in the bin, please remember to have a think about whether you can pop it in your recycling box or food waste bin instead. By recycling more items, more often, you'll be doing your bit to keep Torbay a wonderful place to live."

Keep up to date with the elephant's progress and find out where he’ll be at


RNLI warns beach-goers to ‘Respect the Water’


Coastal fatality figures 1 released today (24th July) reveal 32 people accidentally lost their lives on the south west coast last year. The number of near-misses was even higher, with 87 lives being saved by the RNLI’s south west lifeboat crews and lifeguards 2.


The charity is today launching a major drowning awareness campaign, Respect the Water, warning people to stay safe this summer.

Over the past four years, a total of 130 people have died on the south west coast. The figures show a clear gender divide, with adult men 3 accounting for 60% of south west coastal deaths over this time.

Many would assume adrenaline sports and rough weather are the biggest causes of incidents but, in fact, it’s casual, everyday use of the coast and sea which often results in fatalities. Swimming and general leisure use of the water accounted for 22 (17%) of the coastal deaths in the south west since 2010.
And it’s not only water-based activities which put people in danger. Slips and falls while walking and running accounted for 28 (22%) of the coastal deaths in the south west over the four-year period.

For those entering the water, intentionally or otherwise, cold water shock is a significant danger. Despite warm summer air temperatures, the UK sea temperature is cold enough year-round to trigger cold water shock – the average UK sea temperature is just 12 o c , but cold water shock can set in at any temperature below 15 o c. It causes uncontrollable gasping, which draws water into the lungs. The charity is warning people to be aware of the effects of cold water shock and to acclimatise gradually when getting in to the water.

Other common factors are rip currents and fatigue. Rip currents consistently account for around two-thirds of the environmental-related incidents RNLI lifeguards respond to each season. For those not at a lifeguarded beach, being caught in a rip can prove fatal if they don’t take the right steps to free themselves and make it safely to shore. Panicking and trying to swim against strong currents is exhausting and can overwhelm even the strongest swimmers. The RNLI’s advice is to not swim against the rip current but, instead, to call for help and swim parallel to shore until free from the rip current and then make for the safety of the beach.

The charity, which saves lives at sea, is today launching its Respect the Water campaign, highlighting the risk of drowning around the coasts of the UK. Nine locations have been chosen for the campaign activity, with Newquay among them.

Targeted safety advice specific to Newquay will be on display to the public. It will include outdoor posters and displays, radio and online advertising, as well as pint glasses and bar runners printed with safety advice in selected waterside pubs. The charity will also have a cubic metre of water – weighing one tonne – on display, to help people realise how heavy a relatively small volume of water is.

Throughout the summer, the RNLI’s ‘Respect the Water punchbag’, containing quarter of a tonne of water, will be touring around key UK seaside locations. Members of the public will be invited to take on the challenge, to see how long they can last when battling with that weight of water, reinforcing the point that water never tires but people do. The punchbag will be in Newquay during the Boardmasters festival, from 6th –10th August.

James Millidge, the RNLI’s Coastal Safety Manager in the south west, says:

‘With more people losing their lives at the coast each year than are killed in cycling accidents, we’re trying to make people, particularly men, realise that they are at risk from drowning if they don’t follow some basic but important safety advice. Of course we want people to go to the coast and enjoy it – we’re lucky to have an exceptional coastline around the UK – but we want people to understand there are risks, and that they should not underestimate the power of the sea.

‘Our key advice is to choose a lifeguarded beach and swim between the red and yellow flags, where you’ll have professional lifeguards looking out for you. If you want a few drinks in the sun on the beach, remember that alcohol and water don’t mix, so drink after swimming, not before.

Remember that, despite warm air temperatures, the UK sea temperature is cold enough year-round to trigger cold water shock, so acclimatise gradually in shallow water. Don’t over-estimate your ability – the sea is a very different environment to a pool and even the strongest swimmers can tire quickly. If you get caught in a rip current, don’t panic or try to swim against it; swim parallel to the shore until you’re free. To avoid falls, stay away from cliff edges, stick to pathways and read safety signs.’

England rugby star, James Haskell, is supporting the campaign. He says:

‘As a rugby player, I train to be as strong as I can be. But I know from experience, that even I’m no match for the strength of the sea. This campaign isn’t about telling people not to go into the water – in fact, quite the opposite. The sea is a great place to have fun and relax in the summer. This is about being smart and safe when you are there. The water is the opponent that never tires, so make sure you’re never put to the test.’

Nationally, an average of 160 people die at the coast each year – that’s more than the number killed in cycling accidents. The RNLI is aiming to halve this number by 2024. The nine campaign locations are: Portsmouth, Brighton, Margate, Clacton, Kingston-on-Thames, Blackpool, Cardiff Bay, Newquay and Queensferry.

1. Records from WAID database 2010–2013. RNLI has analysed the data using GIS software to plot and analyse incidents before inclusion in a specific coastal dataset (accident and natural causes only).

2. RNLI incident data 2013.

3. All males except for those known to be under 18.


Gold mine of research papers now available on Torbay library computers

Around 1.5 million research journal articles are now  available to browse on computers in all Torbay libraries. 

The Access to Research initiative gives the public access to articles on health, biological research, engineering, social sciences and much more for the first time. More than 8,000 journals from around the world are included and it will connect people, including students and small businesses, to a wealth of global knowledge. 
Access to Research has been launched in response to recommendations from the Finch Group, a committee convened by the UK government, to explore how access to publicly funded research could be expanded.

The access in Torbay Libraries is part of an initial two-year research pilot project, which started in January 2014.  Subjects include art, architecture, business, engineering, history, languages, politics, philosophy, mathematics and the sciences.

All content provided is digital and can be accessed from library public terminals, via a search delivery service called Summon.  Unlike many other online resources from Torbay Libraries, the project does not make access available from a home computer or elsewhere.

To get started, visit the Torbay Libraries web pages at:

Councillor Dave Butt, Torbay Council’s Executive Member for Culture and the Arts said: “This really is an amazing opportunity to look up facts on just about anything in a simple, easy to use way.  This resource is open to Torbay residents of all ages, and I really hope they dip in to see what is available.  We value educational tools which support the council’s commitment to improving skills and quality of life, and this new facility is a great new asset to our learning opportunities.  In these tough times when cuts seem to be the headline it is great to be able to report on something that increases our library offer.”

Torbay Council and E.ON unite to help Torbay’s fuel poor with new £9m CosyDevon scheme.

Individuals and families across Torbay will get a warmer home this winter and beyond thanks to CosyDevon – an energy saving scheme launched today by Torbay Council and nine other local authorities, which will see up to £9 million invested in improving homes across the county.

Delivered with E.ON, one of the UK’s leading energy companies, CosyDevon is offering up to 7,000 free or subsidised insulation and heating measures for Devon’s homes, supporting local jobs and saving an estimated 156,000 tonnes of C02.

Torbay Council's Executive Lead for Strategic Planning, Housing and Energy, Councillor David Thomas, said: “We recognise that there are people living in fuel poverty in Torbay. Poorly insulated homes can cause a huge number of issues for individuals and families and can directly impact on their health and wellbeing. We know that some people in our community this winter will be making a choice about whether to heat or to eat.

“CosyDevon will identify those most in need and we hope we can help them to have a warmer home this winter. The scheme will also invest in the local economy by creating and sustaining jobs in the local supply chain. We would urge all homeowners, private landlords and private tenants in Torbay to contact CosyDevon to see if they are eligible so they can take advantage of the free or subsidised energy efficiency measures that are on offer."

Don Leiper, Director of Energy Efficiency at E.ON, added: “I’m immensely proud that E.ON has been part of CosyDevon since its launch and that we have worked with our colleagues in local authorities across Devon to provide energy saving help to thousands of families in that time.

”This scheme will bring significant benefits in making our homes more energy efficient, helping people to reduce their energy consumption and cut their bills. I hope that many more will get in touch to see what help is on offer.”

Chris Forster, Manager of Hele’s Angels said “There are individuals and families living in cold homes in Torbay and we’re delighted that the CosyDevon scheme is going to focus its efforts in areas like ours that need these measures the most.”

Homeowners, private landlords and their tenants who meet the qualifying criteria (1 - see footnote) can receive loft and cavity wall insulation for free through CosyDevon. Homeowners who do not meet the qualifying criteria and want to top up their existing loft insulation can do so for £149.

Free replacement boilers are also available to households receiving qualifying benefits whose boiler meets certain criteria(2 - see footnote).

To find out more and get a free, no obligation home energy survey call 0800 0511548 or visit

English Riviera Global Geopark bids for 7th UNESCO Global Geopark Conference

Torbay partners have prepared a bid for the English Riviera Global Geopark to host the international Global Geopark Conference in September 2016, which, if successful, will welcome 1000 delegates to Torbay showcasing the unique geological and marine environment, which was key to the area’s designation as the world’s first urban Geopark in 2007.

The bid sets out how Torbay would host the conference with a dynamic forum for the exchange of issues important to the Geopark family and a packed and varied itinerary focussing on the diverse elements of the Geopark, what it has achieved since 2007, and how it is being interpreted and enjoyed by the local community and visitors.
The hosting committee will help to foster long-term relationships among partners from around the globe; connect talented delegates and demonstrate the success of the English Riviera Global Geopark.
The English Riviera Geopark covers the area of Torbay, and its designation as a Geopark is based upon the international importance of 32 Geosites concentrating on the story of four geological time periods, all found within a compact area.
Despite its small size and its urban setting, this Geopark contains one of the highest concentrations of protected geological sites and Geological Conservation Review sites, Sites of Special Scientific Interest and regionally important geological sites. The most recent recognition of the area’s importance came in 2013 when it was designated a Marine Conservation Zone which acts to protect a range of habitats and species.
If the bid is won, some of the Geopark’s most impressive sites will be visited by the delegates during the conference field trips, including Kents Cavern, Berry Head Nature Reserve, Saltern Cove, Hope’s Nose, Paignton Geoplay Park and the Geopark cruises.
Health and Wellbeing is a unique theme in the English Riviera bid, which shows what has been achieved in Torbay since gaining Geopark status.
Torbay has delivered £6 million of capital investment relating to the Geopark theme including: the world-class Geoplay Park in Paignton; Berry Head Fort restoration and new visitor centre; Cockington Court craft studios; Cockington Geopark Cycle Hub and cycle trails and the restoration of Torre Abbey. Partnerships have been developed with other South West UK UNESCO sites and Global Geoparks and international geological organisations, and the English Riviera Geopark shared its achievements at the 5th UNESCO International Conference on Geoparks in Unzen, Japan in 2012.
The hosting committee will announce its decision in September and, if successful, The English Riviera Geopark will begin putting its operations into place immediately to ensure a high quality experience.
Torbay Mayor, Gordon Oliver, said: “On behalf of the English Riviera Global Geopark and the organisation committee I am delighted with Torbay’s bid to host the 7th UNESCO Global Geopark Conference in the United Kingdom. We are convinced that Torbay is the right choice for the conference, as we have all the necessary infrastructure, skills and enthusiasm to run a conference to exceed delegates’ expectations.
“We offer easy access and an exciting itinerary with short journey times; all set against the backdrop of spectacular geology and a stunning coastline with rich biodiversity and a fascinating history and culture.”
“We are keen to show UNESCO, the Global Geopark family and the world’s Earth science community the positive results the Geopark designation has brought to our territory, and we look forward to what I hope will be a favourable response from the bid committee.”
Councillor Dave Butt, Torbay Council’s Executive Lead for Culture and the Arts and Chair of the English Riviera Geopark Management Group said: “Since gaining Geopark status in 2007 and integrating it into strategies and policy, local public and private sector partners with a wealth of experience have delivered significant projects under the Geopark banner. If Torbay is successful in our bid to host the conference, we will build on this success to provide further cultural and educational enrichment for residents and visitors in Torbay.”
Professor Ian Stewart of Plymouth University, Patron of the English Riviera Geopark said:
“What lies beneath our feet is the foundation for the society we live in. The different rocks and fossils not only have an amazing story to tell but their influence on everything we have and see today is just as remarkable.
“The fertile soils, the rich marine environment, and the buildings are at the heart of our communities and towns, and all this has its roots in the rocks. There is no better place to see this relationship between people and landscape than the English Riviera Global Geopark, which is UNESCO’s first urban Global Geopark, with a thriving local community living against the backdrop of magnificent Devonian limestone headlands, Permian sandstone cliffs, and Kents Cavern - the most important Palaeolithic archaeological site in Western Europe.
“I am delighted to support this bid to UNESCO to host the 2016 Global Geoparks conference in the English Riviera Global Geopark when I very much hope to welcome the delegates.”
Nick Powe, Chair of English Riviera Geopark and Director of Kents Cavern said: “The spotlight of the world’s Earth science community will be on Torbay if we are successful in this bid. We are very optimistic that the global Geopark committee will see the benefits of choosing Torbay to host the 7th annual conference due to our unique offer and excellent conference facilities. Our designation as a Geopark is based on the international importance of 32 Geosites spanning four geological time periods within a compact area, which I’m sure will appeal to the committee.”

MEPs sign up to support British Farmers

South West MEP Julie Girling was among a number of Conservative MEPs who have put their names to a charter pledging support for British farming.

Julie, who is the only South West Conservative member on the Agriculture Committee in Brussels signed a five-point pledge committing support for UK agriculture and backing British growers in producing healthy, sustainable food.

The pledge called for fair contracts, sustainable growth, balanced trade deals with other countries, a central place for science in agricultural decision-making, and a simpler, more-equitable Common Agricultural Policy.

Julie signed up to the pledge at an event organised in the European Parliament in Strasbourg by the four farming unions of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. She was thanked for her support by the President of the National Farmers' Union Meurig Raymond.

Julie said: "Farming is the lifeblood of South West England and central to the economy, health and well-being of the whole country.  The pledge to Back British Farming in the EU sets out a clear vision of a fair deal for farming that should reassure consumers while securing a viable future for agriculture. I was delighted to be asked to lend my support and I shall continue to ensure that the voices of British farmers are heard in Brussels and Strasbourg."


Electoral registration system is changing this summer

Over the summer, all Torbay residents will receive a letter through the post telling them about the biggest change to the electoral registration system in nearly 100 years.

Torbay Council’s Electoral Registration Officer will write to over 107,000 people in Torbay. The letter will explain that a new, more secure, system of Individual Electoral Registration is being introduced to replace the old Victorian system where the “head of household” registered everyone living in a property.

Now, each individual will be responsible for registering themselves.

The majority of Torbay residents will automatically move onto the new electoral register. However, some will need to take action to join or remain on it, which they will now also be able to do for the first time by registering quickly and easily online.

Torbay Council's Electoral Registration Officer, Caroline Taylor, said: “Residents will receive a letter in late July/early August that will explain the change to the electoral registration system. Look out for the letter as it will tell you if you have been automatically transferred to the new register or not. If you have not been transferred, you will need to provide some additional information and the letter will tell you exactly what you need to do.”

Samantha Mills, Head of Campaigns at the Electoral Commission, said:“This summer the Electoral Commission will launch a major advertising campaign that will raise awareness of the change to Individual Electoral Registration. We welcome this change, which will lead to a more secure register and replace the outdated Victorian concept that a single ‘head of household’ is responsible for registering everyone.”

For more information visit If you do not receive a letter please contact the Torbay elections team by calling 01803 208008 or by emailing

Brixham St Mary's Bowls Club Update

Two vitally important MDL games saw BSM come away with victories in both matches.  The first was a good win away at Marldon B were 10 hard fought points were gained on Monday 11th July.  Next came another must win game away at Chudleigh.

The game last year ended with an overwhelming win for the home team but this was more than avenged this time when 12 points were taken with wins on three of the four rinks.  This was enough to secure the six bonus points for the overall win by a convincing 83 to shots to 53.  A special mention must go to the rink skipped by Dave Thompson who won by 37 shots to 7.  Well done Dave and the boys for an excellent win.
Results (BSM Skips first): 
D Thompson            37            M Dunn            7
R Sanders               15            E Tanner        14
C Pedder                  9             P Soy            26
J Heard                    22            I Male            11
The BSM Riviera Mixed Triples team found it hard going away at Kings on Monday 14th July. With only one win on the three rinks only 2 points were gained in a 52 shots to 60 defeat.  Although this team is having an in and out season the spirit of the league ensures that BSM gives as many players who are less experienced at the game of bowls a chance to find out what competitive bowling is like. Keep it up people you are doing well.
Results (BSM Skips first):  
T Wilson            25            T Chandler            13
F Pizzey            16            P Creed                30
J Hughes            11            J Richardson        17
On the same day the BSM ladies took the combined team of Dartmouth and Stoke Fleming on the Dartmouth 'carpet'.  It proved too much for them without a win being recorded on any of the three rinks. The final result being a defeat by 30 shots to 75.  However, with games in hand over their nearest rivals all hopes are not lost for a successful season.  Keep it going girls the fat lady is not singing just yet!
Results (BSM Skips first): 
M Hall            12            M Weedon            35
I Fletcher        9             D Bowden              19
M Davenport    9            T Lamble                21 
A false dawn was experienced by the BSM Over 55s.  After two successive wins the run came to an end with a home defeat by Ipplepen on Wednesday 16th July.  Although the rink skipped by Colin Pedder managed a hard fought draw the loss on the other rink meant that they went done by 7 shots thereby losing overall by 30 to 37.  Better luck next time boys I'm sure winning ways will come back soon.
Results (BSM Skips first):  
C Pedder            12            A Sanders            12
T Wilson             18            T Ellis                   25
Sunday 27th July sees the finals of the BSM Invitation Mixed Triples. The always hard fought but friendly competition reaches it's climax with cash prizes going to the teams in the first three positions.  Well done to all who have organised and helped behind the scenes to make this another successful year.
Rod Hughes
Press Officer
BSM Bowls Club  

HM Coastguard

Her Majesty's Coastguard coordinate maritime search and rescue within the UK Search and Rescue region, and have a variety of resources they can task to emergency situations: either people in distress at sea, or emergencies on the coast or shoreline. HM Coastguard also has their own volunteer service, the Coastguard Rescue Service, who are teams of volunteers who can respond to land based emergencies such as cliff and mud rescues or searches for missing people.

17 Maritime Rescue Coordination Centres (MRCCs) form a network of command and control centres for responding to reports of maritime and coastal distress.

Brixham Coastguard Station

Watch keeping staff in these centres provide a 24 hour service to mariners and coastal users by receiving incoming distress calls and sending resources to their rescue.

These calls could come in via the monitoring of emergency radio frequencies, or by 999 calls, as the Coastguard are a recognised 999 emergency service.

Thursday 24th July:
0839 Berry Head Coastguards assisted Ambulance to evacuate a female with a suspected broken ankle from Sharkham Point, Brixham. The casualty was taken by Ambulance to Torbay Hospital for treatment.

1051 Torbay Council Patrol Boat, Angling Boat Spot on and Brixham Marina Workboat proceeded to Motor boat THIRD ECLIPSE, 2 persons on board, with engines overheating on entering Brixham Harbour. The vessel was towed to Brixham Marina by the workboat.

1543 Teignmouth Lifeguards requested an ambulance to a 6 year old CHILD who had fallen off a climbing frame outside the lifeguard hut by Teignmouth Pier and suffered a suspected broken arm.  Southwestern ambulance ferried the child to hospital for treatment.

1709 Angling vessel Boy Richard towed the yacht MARLEC with 2 persons onboard safely into Torquay Marina after she suffered steering failure on her approach to Torquay Harbour.

Friday 25th July:
1148 Exmouth Lifeguards were tasked with their jet ski following a 999 call of a female swimmer in difficulties off Orcombe Point. The swimmer was assisted ashore before the Lifeguards arrived. No medical attention was required.

A win for Brixham Ladies

Brixham Gig Club attended Paignton Pilot Gig Regatta along with 14 other clubs from across Devon and Cornwall. The weather conditions were perfect for rowing, they came away with some very respectable results as well as a fantastic win from the ladies C crew. They were each presented with a medal from the clubs chairman.


Ladies A Crew of Val McClean, Sarah David, Helen Bagwell, Fiona Slater, Steph Blackler, Eve Buckley and cox Amy Ploughman were 11th.


Mens A Crew of Matt Scoble, Dave Morralley, Stevie Reece, John Puckey, James Wright, Ashley Turner and cox Kevin Thomas were 7th.

Ladies B Crew of  Leigh Bower, Caroline Dadley, Emma Trayhorn, Sue Putt, Vicky Croughan, Annie Wallace and cox Amy Ploughman were 10th.

Mens B Crew of Craig Thomas, Ben Trayhorn,Tim Colliver, Mac McClean, Lance Worthington, Pete Scoble and cox Dave Morralley were 2nd.


Ladies C 1 Crew of Kathryn Ashworth, Bex Robinson, Jennie Everill, Andi Colliver, Sacha Adamson, Kate Everill and cox Dave Morralley were 1st.


Ladies C2 Crew of Annick Hammersley, Mary Curry, Gemma Dadley, Justine Pilkington, Courtney Harper, Debbie Hudson and cox Pete Scoble were 3rd.


Mens C Crew of Mark Harvey, Si Mitchell, Karl Oakley, James Agates, Steve Marshall, Chris Mitchell and cox Dave Morralley were 2nd.


Ladies Vets Crew of Amy Ploughman, Julie Knight, Bev Worthington, Jo Hayden, Karen Marshall, Sarah Reece and cox Lance Worthington were 6th.


Mens Vets crew of Lance Worthington, Dave Morralley, Tim Colliver, Mac McClean, Pete Scoble, Kevin Thomas and cox Amy Ploughman were 4th.


Mixed Crew of Leigh Bower, Caroline Dadley Stevie Reece, John Puckey, Matt Scoble, Eve Buckey and cox Steve Marshall were 5th.


U16 Crew of Gemma, Brogan, Courtney, Nell, Bess, Lucyr and cox Amy Ploughman were 2nd.

An army of volunteers have been making preparations for Brixham Gig Club's first regatta which takes place on the 23rd of August at Breakwater beach in Brixham. The position will make for very good viewing of all the races. Refreshments will be available throughout the day along with cakes and raffle prizes. Please come along and show your support.

Brixham A.F.C. Lottery Results

Draw Date                       21st July 2014.
Draw Venue                     The Trawler
Jackpot                             £2000.
Winning Numbers            2      3      6      11
No Winner
Lucky Dip Winners:
£50 Dave, Brixham, Promoter Bill Harris.
£20 Martin, The Skipper Inn, Promoter John Charles.
£10 D. Connell, D.B. Glass Newton Abbot, Promoter Keith Pitman.
£10 Bill, B.A.F.C. Promoter Bill Harris.
£10 Brian, B.A.F.C. Promoter Brian Hopper.

Next Week's Jackpot  £2050.
Draw Venue The Skipper Inn Brixham 9pm on Monday 28th July 2014.
Thank you for your continued support.

Popular continental market returns to Torquay’s Princess Gardens

FABULOUS flavours, mouth-watering morsels and all the colour and ambience of the Mediterranean will be returning to Princess Gardens, Torquay during the Torbay Royal Regatta from Saturday 23rd August until Wednesday 27th August inclusive.

This highly popular market, organised by Savoir Fayre Ltd with support from Torbay Council, provides all that is the best of French and continental produce, including French charcuterie, Dutch and French cheeses, Spanish paella, Italian confectionery and a great variety of fresh and dried garlic, seasonal vegetables and fruit.

There will also be freshly grilled Toulouse and Merguez sausages, biscuits from Brittany, olives from the sunny south, and delicious flavoursome mustards and spices, hand made soaps from Marseilles.

Return visitors to this event as well as those who haven’t experienced it before will also be amazed and delighted by the newest stalls – the new delicatessen stall with its range of artisanal terrines and patés will delight the connoisseur’s palate, for example.

You have to be there to really appreciate the enticing aromas of freshly baked French bread, croissants, pain au chocolat, baklava, cakes and gateaux. And for a tasty treat while shopping, visitors can enjoy a freshly cooked crêpe or waffles hot out of the pan.

Torbay’s Mayor and Leader Gordon Oliver said: "We are delighted to welcome back the popular continental market to Torbay as it provides local people and visitors with the opportunity to try new tastes and experiences. 

"Council initiatives like this really pull in the crowds to the Bay and have a positive economic effect on all local businesses.”

Stalls will include:
- candy and fudge;
- dry fruit and nuts, baklava, nougat & Turkish Delight;
- olives;
- Italian grill;
- bread, pastries and Viennoiserie;
- crépes, gallettes de sarrazin & gaufres;
- home-made mustards, jam, coffee and olive oil;
- finest French cheeses;
- ice cream;
- saucissons, chorizo, garlic & dry hams;
- Spanish & Moroccan paella & couscous ;
- Italian confectionery;
- tartiflette-garlic, prawnie-boisson fraiche;
- specialist coffees;
- glass, china and pottery;
- jewellery and gifts;
- Pashmina scarves, belts and hats;
- Thai craft.

You’ll find what sets this market apart from others is the quality and authenticity of the produce and the enthusiasm and genuine continental charm of the stallholders. Plus, all attending traders are fully checked and accredited by The Market People ( - a handy new system of booking and accreditation for market professionals - and can be easily contacted before or after any purchase.

So don’t miss out. Head down to Torquay promenade this Sunday and experience the continental difference! The market will be based in Princess Gardens from Saturday 23rd –  Wednesday 28th August 2014.

The Torbay Libraries Poetry Prize returns for a fourth year

Torbay Libraries - with the support of the four Torbay Libraries Friends groups – announce the fourth year of their popular annual Poetry Prize in search of the best young poetry talent in the Bay. This year’s competition has an added element – to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War there will be a special prize for the best poem on the theme of World War 1 in each age group.

The competition is open to children aged between 7 and 16, and £250 worth of prizes will be shared between age groups 7 – 11 and 12 – 16. Entrants can write their poem about anything they like and in any style they choose.

They’ll be competing for gift card prizes and the Torbay Libraries Poetry Cups with winners being presented at the Torbay Festival of Poetry on 25th October, an annual event that has attracted some of the best loved poets from all over the UK, including Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy.

They’ll be competing for gift card prizes and the Torbay Libraries Poetry Cups with winners being presented at the Torbay Festival of Poetry on 25th October, an annual event that has attracted some of the best loved poets from all over the UK, including Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy. The Poetry Cups and prizes have been generously donated by the Friends Groups of Torbay Libraries.

Participants can pick up an entry form at any Torbay Library or go to  to download an entry form and rules.  The closing date is Monday 8th September.

Torbay Council’s Executive Lead for Culture and the Arts, Councillor Dave Butt, said: “We are calling on the talents of young, budding poets to enter this year’s Torbay Poetry Prize. Poems can be in any style on any subject and this year we are looking forward to entries about World War 1 as part of the centenary memorial. I wish the best of luck to all our creative young people to get inspired to write an award winning poem.”


Torbay Remembers with memorial funding and “Lights Out” project

To mark the start of the First World War, Torbay Council is undertaking a number of activities including the provision of funding for local memorials and supporting the Royal British Legion’s “Lights Out” initiative.

Brixham War Memorial

Torbay’s Mayor and Leader, Gordon Oliver, said: “As part of our Torbay Remembers commemoration of the First World War, we are making available £5,000 for a fund to support the restoration, renovation and maintenance of war Memorials throughout Torbay. The fund may also be used for adding additional names which are found to be missing from memorials relating to First World War.”

"The First World War, also known as the Great War, began in 1914 and lasted until 1918.  We will be commemorating over the next four years with memorials and a number of activities to reflect how grateful we are to those who gave up so much, to enable us to live in the free society we enjoy today.”

The memorial grant fund is being administered by Torbay Council.  The grant fund will close on 31st March 2015 or sooner if all the funds have been allocated prior to that date. The closing dates for applications are 30th July 2014 and 31st October 2014. 

Applications received by those dates will go to panel sessions held in August 2014 and November 2014. Any application received which is incomplete will not be considered but could be resubmitted for the following grant round (if funds are still available).  For more information visit

Torbay is also supporting “Lights Out” a Royal British Legion initiative which is encouraging everyone in the UK to turn off their lights between 10pm and 11pm on 4 August 2014 – leaving only a single light or candle for this symbolic act of reflection.  It is hoped to light one million candles across the UK to remember each and every one of those Service men and women who gave their lives in the war to end all wars.

A limited edition candle is available from Marks and Spencer for £4, with all profit going to The Royal British Legion.  For more information go to:

Torbay is second place in England for total number of beach awards

Out of England's 168 award winning beaches, Torbay holds second place in the total number of beaches given beach awards by Keep Britain Tidy.

Keep Britain Tidy announces the winners of the 2014 Blue Flag and Seaside Awards. In total 168 beaches received an award with 56 beaches gaining the Blue Flag and 112 picking up the Seaside Award.

Of these, four blue flag beaches are in Torbay, and ten beaches in Torbay got Seaside Awards, details are as follows:

Blue Flag beaches: Breakwater Beach, Broadsands Beach, Meadfoot Beach, Oddicombe Beach.

Seaside Awards: Breakwater Beach, Broadsands Beach, Meadfoot Beach, Oddicombe Beach, Maidencombe Beach, Goodrington Beach, Paignton Beach, Preston Beach, Torre Abbey Sands, Anstey's Cove.

The water quality at all award winning beaches meets the required European Standards, and the water quality at the Blue Flag beaches exceeds these standards.

Torbay Mayor Gordon Oliver said: “I am delighted that Torbay has once again performed well in an national accolade. To win all the beach awards we applied for is a good result indeed, and gives visitors confidence in our safe and enjoyable beaches that have good standards of management, cleanliness and safety.

“Feedback has shown that safe beaches with good water quality and facilities are important factors in deciding where to visit, and the council is committed to maintaining high standards of quality in its tourism offer which is very important to our local economy. I extend a warm welcome to all visitors to enjoy Torbay's fabulous beaches this year.”

The water quality at all award winning beaches meets the required European Union standards, with the water quality at Blue Flag beaches subject to even tougher tests, meeting the very highest international standards.

Richard McIlwain, Programmes Director for the charity Keep Britain Tidy, which is responsible for the Blue Flag and Seaside Awards in England, said: “It's fantastic news for everyone who loves visiting the seaside that over 160 beaches will be flying a flag that guarantees the public the best facilities and the cleanest beaches this summer.”


Tender Lovin' Care

My name is Andy Silcox, and I am a 47 year old Brixham resident, who has a condition called Becker Muscular Dystrophy. This is a degenerative muscle wasting disorder that causes weakness to all the muscles of the body, eventually requiring dependence on a wheelchair.

Andy Silcox 'Tender Lovin Care'

I am unable to work any more, so I use my time on my various hobbies, one of which is writing and recording music and lyrics.

I studied Music Technology, composition and production, and graduated with a BTEC National Award and FdA Music Technology from Plymouth University.

I used to play traditional instruments, but when this became too much effort, I had to look at other ways of making music. I now use the latest computer technology to enable me to write and record my music. I have written the music and lyrics to my new song, entitled ‘Tender Lovin’ Care”. This is from an E.P. which I will be releasing in the coming months, featuring all-new original material composed and performed by myself.

I have published my new song on the Internet, and anyone who has a credit/debit card or Paypal is able to download it for 0.99p. All the money raised by the download of my song will be donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, of which I am an Advocacy Ambassador for the South West of England.

My aim is to inform other people, especially those in a similar position to myself, that no matter what the impairment might be, things may be harder to do, but they still can be done with determination!

The download link for my song is as follows:

Andy Silcox
Brixham, UK


Rowcroft Hospice launches loyalty scheme

Rowcroft Hospice has introduced a brand new loyalty scheme into its shops to thank customers for their support, encourage repeat custom and boost sales.

The scheme, known as Rowcroft Rewards, will reward customers with a £5 voucher when they collect 500 points.

Customers can then choose whether to put their £5 voucher towards a treat for themselves in-store, or donate it back to the hospice.

The scheme is being launched in response to research showing loyalty cards can lead to a boost in sales of up to 50 percent, and encourage repeat custom among cardholders.

Caroline Wannell, Retail Development Manager for Rowcroft Hospice, said: “We are constantly looking for ways to increase the profitability of Rowcroft’s shops, so are delighted to be launching a scheme that will help to raise even more vital funds for the hospice.”


“We are also very grateful for an opportunity to thank all those people who regularly purchase goods in Rowcroft’s shops. We hope they will enjoy spending their £5 voucher in-store, or choosing to donate it back to the hospice.”


Rowcroft currently has 13 shops across South Devon , including its shop in Union Lane , Brixham.

Jane Ledgerwood Barr, Manager of Rowcroft’s Brixham shop in Union Lane , said: “Rowcroft Rewards is a wonderful way to encourage people to be loyal to our shop, and to say thank you for customers’ never-ending support. We have all sorts of goods in stock to spend the £5 voucher on, be it a present for a grandchild, or a new top!”

Anyone who shops at Rowcroft’s stores is eligible to sign up for Rowcroft Rewards and all those who are already signed up as Rowcroft Gift Aiders will automatically be registered as loyalty card holders.

For more information on the scheme, or to sign up and get earning points on bargain buys you find in Rowcroft’s shops, visit .




Get onboard the spectacular 200ft Tall Ship Stavros S Niarchos for an exciting sailing adventure from the 17th to 23rd August 2014.

Departing from the historic city of St Malo, you will sail across the Channel heading for the fishing village of Brixham, Devon.

If the weather is favourable, the Captain may well take the ship into a foreign port before heading for Brixham.


This voyage is open to ages 16 – 25. You will get to set the sails, climb the mast and take the helm on this exciting 6 night voyage. No experience is needed as you will be taught everything you need to know. 

Channel Adventure, ONLY £549!


Tall Ships Adventures have secured a special deal with Condor Ferries for the return journey back to the UK. This includes a Condor Ferry crossing from Poole to St Malo via Guernsey.


For more information, please call our Reservations Team on 02392832055 or visit


2014 Torbay Lifeboat Week – Monday 4th August to Sunday 10th August inclusive

Your local RNLI Volunteers – both fund raisers and the lifeboat station team have planned a series of events culminating in a Grand Finale Firework Display on the evening of Sunday 10th August.

Amongst our objectives is a desire to say ‘thank you’ to our local community and sponsors for your ongoing interest and support of the ‘Torbay Lifeboat Station’ based here in Brixham.

The varied programme of events will be displayed in a printed programme that will be available during July.

The programme plan is available on the web site now.

Please see the printed programme or web site for the latest ‘timings’ and contact details. Brief outlines of the key events are:

Monday to Friday – Brixham Guild Outside Events team on Kings Quay with souvenirs and printed programmes for all.

Monday to Sunday – Walk the Extra Mile (for the lifeboat crew) – whilst enjoying a walk along Brixham Breakwater (which is free to walk throughout the week) pause and make a donation towards the ongoing costs of operating our lifeboats and enter a Prize Draw. (Gift Aid is recoverable on your donation).

Wednesday – Ernie Lister Bar Quiz Night.

Thursday – Poopdeck Restaurant lunch (book in advance) & Ernie Lister Bar Folk Evening

Friday to Sunday – Guide tours of Torbay All Weather Lifeboat & Sea Safety Advice.

Friday (day) – ‘Brixham has Talent’ – local school bands featured on the XRadio One Roadshow stage in the Breakwater Car Park.

Friday (eve) – ‘Bands on the Beach’ – a ticket only event featuring three Devon based bands – ‘Banquet’, Nick Coles & ‘The Blues Brother Collective’. Tickets £12.50 from the Bistro and Lifeboat Station Kiosk The Breakwater Bistro will be hosting a ‘VIP Evening’ – tickets £37.50 please book via the Bistro.

Saturday – at dusk ‘Light Up the Breakwater’ with candle light.

Sunday – early evening – the ever popular Search & Rescue Demonstration followed by a water ski demonstration and Personal Watercraft demonstration . Finally the Grand Firework Display afloat off the Breakwater at darkness.

And of course occasional stalls adjacent to the Lifeboat station, the ‘Old Gaffers’ sing Sea Shanties on Sunday afternoon and Brixham's own Dalek will be around.

We look forward to seeing you all during this period.


Brixham Food Bank, situated at the rear of Brixham Town Hall, is open five days a week 2pm to 4pm, Monday to Saturday.

Contact Tel Number 07873164211 2pm to 4pm on weekdays.

Food donations are always welcome and can also be left in the Town Council Office during the working day. Food donation boxes are also placed in stores around the town.

Shopping List click on poster:

Thank you for your kind donations to Brixham Food Bank. They go toward supporting needy families and people in the Brixham area and beyond.

Your generosity is much appreciated.



Click on poster for larger version...


The Smugglers and Pirates Experience Brixham

Every Saturday until Sat 25th October - Brixham Art and Craft Market.

Each Saturday the Arts & Crafts stalls transform the inner harbour next to the Golden Hind into a haven for those wanting to sample a variety of unique and handmade items.

From paintings and sketches, to photography, jewellery, textiles and cards, offering potential gifts to suit all budgets. For more info visit

Everyday until 31st Aug - Great Occombe Monster Hunt!

Kids, come on a monstrous wild adventure this year at Occombe Farm. Wild monsters with pointed fangs, hairy bodies, gnarly skin and gruesome eating habits are lurking in the woods at Occombe Farm and they only have one thing on their mind - protecting their most precious treasure! Every month a new wild monster will appear and your mission is to find it by crossing swamps, balancing on logs, dipping in ponds and hunting in trees to find its hiding spot on the nature trail. Find the monster and you will be rewarded with a sticker and a prize, plus the code to unlock a map to help you find the next monster. Collect all four monsters and you will gain the powers to reveal where their most precious treasure is and gain a very special prize! There will also be fun wild monster activities happening at the farm every weekend throughout the summer - look on our website for more details Suitable for 4-12 year olds. Meet: Occombe Farm Visitor Centre. Time: 10 to 3pm.

Cost: £2.50 per child per monster trail (total of four different monster trails from May to August), with sticker and prize and bumper prize if you do all four trails.


Fri 25th and Sat 26th July - Summer Flower and Vegetable Show At The Scala Hall Brixham. Open 2pm to 5pm Friday and 10am to 4pm Sat.

STAGING OF EXHIBITS. Thu 24th from 2 to 5pm and Fri 25th July from 8am to 9.30am. Trophies will be presented at 4pm on Sat 26th July.

Open Sections: Section A Flowers, Section B Fuchsias, Section C Floral Art, Section D Fruit and Vegetables.

Member Only Sections: Section E Fuchsias and Geraniums, Section F Flowers, Section F Vegetables.
Other Open Sections: Section G Domestic, Section H Handicrafts, Section J Children.

Tue 29th July, 5th, 12th and 19th August, 11am-3pm - Coleton Fishacre - Laundry Day

Come into the laundry and get some hands-on experience of the work of a 1930s laundry maid! Join us at Coleton Fishacre's laundry to experience life as a 1930s laundry maid! Have a go washing linen from the period using a washing dolly, washboard and mangle, with the expert supervision of our knowledgeable volunteers. Normal Admission Charges Apply, no need to book.


Wed 30th July, 13th and 27th August, 2-4pm - Coleton Fishacre - 50 things family fun

Come along to Coleton Fishacre for fun for all the family with special events where you can tick off some of the 50 things to do before you're 11.. With three different events devoted to three different 50 things to do before you're 11., there's plenty to keep the kids entertained this summer holiday. On 30th July discover the creatures of the deep by pond dipping with the countryside team. On 13th August roll down a really big hill, and on 27th August create wild art on the bowling green lawn. Normal Admission Charges Apply, no need to book.

Wednesday 30th July - Christian Talk Group at 9.30am to 11am at the Riviera International Conference Centre - The sessions offer a unique opportunity for Christians and non-Christians to talk openly and equally, to share testimonies and experiences, to ask questions, to investigate their own thoughts and ideas, to test out beliefs etc. with other people, on any and every level. Participants share Bible passages Psalms, Gospels, Old Testament, New Testament, pray together for family, friends, loved ones, children, parents, spouses, siblings and the world etc. The sessions are free and anybody and everybody are welcome.

Thu 31st July BRIXHAM BUCCANEERS- Pirate Days

At the Harbourside, by the Golden Hind – Come and experience the buccaneers swashbuckling antics, whilst enjoying music and entertainment for the whole family e.g. face painting, puppetry, crafts, story telling and balloon modelling! (All dates to be confirmed)


Thu 31st July, 7-9.45pm, adult £13, child £10 (ages 7 to 17) - Greenway - Outdoor Theatre: Pride and Prejudice

Settle down to an evening performance of one of Jane Austen's classics. Award winning open air theatre Heartbreak Productions take on Pride and Prejudice which promises to be a thrilling and engaging experience for the family. Follow the tale of Elizabeth Bennet as she deals with issues of manners, upbringing, morality and above all her feelings towards the aloof Mr Darcy. With fresh insight into the lives and relationships of memorable characters Heartbreak Productions brings to life a much loved classic. Call 01803 842382 or visit to book.


1st August, 6.30-8.30pm, adult £13, child £10, family £42 (2ad + 2ch) - Greenway - Outdoor Theatre: Peter Pan.

Join the Lost Boys, Wendy and Peter on an adventure to Neverland and encounter the villainous pirates, enigmatic Indians and mysterious mermaids in a fabulous modern, rhyming adaptation of the well-loved tale. As ever, Heartbreak's enthusiastic and innovative performance style guarantees an evening full of enchantment, laughter and excitement as this classic tale is brought bang up to date. Expect songs, capers and all your favourite characters as Heartbreak explore the miraculous healing powers of love and friendship. Call 01803 842382 or visit to book.

Fri 1st to Sun 3rd August - Torbay Steam Fair

Take this opportunity to experience the world of steam, from large engines working as they did in days gone by, driving fairground rides, big saws, threshing drums and hauling heavy loads. The Fair includes a wide variety of attractions including parades of Veteran and Classic Vehicles, tractors, military vehicles, with fairground rides, arts, crafts, models and stalls selling a wide variety of merchandise. An extensive range of refreshments from local ales to pasties, hog roasts and cream teas are also available! Dartmouth Road,Churston Ferrers, Brixham, DevonTQ5 0JT (site in field opposite Churston Farm Shop, on the main A3022 Brixham Road. ) For more information visit: or by email: (As you will appreciate we are rather busy preparing for the show so contacting us by e-mail is the best option.) Please use: . Alternatively you can telephone on 01803 853989 , but please be patient.

Mon 4th to Fri 8th Aug & Mon 11th to Fri 15th Aug & Mon 18th to Fri 22nd Aug - Go Wild! Holiday Club

Let your children go wild this summer! Now in its third year we are very pleased to announce that the children's Go Wild Holiday Club will be running for three weeks over the school Summer Holidays. Also, to make it as flexible as possible for parents, we are now are running it as both a day club and a week club. Suitable for 8 – 12 year olds. For more information visit our website Dates: Mon 4th to Fri 8th Aug & Mon 11th to Fri 15th Aug & Mon 18th to Fri 22nd Aug. Cost: £25.00 per day or £96.00 per week (5 days). B ooking: Essential on 01803 520022.

Mon 4th to Sun 10th August - Torbay Lifeboat Week

For this annual event, the Torbay Lifeboat and Station become the focus raising money for the Nationally recognized Charity of the RLNI, also a local charity keenly supported by Brixham. In a fun packed week involving the Torbay Lifeboat Operations Team & Crew , events such as Sailing Races and Angling Competitions combine with an opportunity to view Torbay's Lifeboat station and lifeboat, the week culminating with the spectacular Sea Safety Display. For more information:

Wed 6th August, 6.30-9pm, £14 adults, £10 children - Bradley Manor National Trust - Outdoor Theatre: Romeo and Juliet

Back by popular demand, the Lord Chamberlain's Men will be bringing their traditional, all-male cast, performance of Romeo and Juliet to the grounds of Bradley in Newton Abbot. Join the Lord Chamberlain's Men this summer for the world's greatest love story. With action from the outset, jealousy, comedy, murder, banishment and the most famous balcony in the history of theatre!

Thu 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th August – BRIXHAM BUCCANEERS - Pirate Days - At the Harbourside, by the Golden Hind – Come and experience the buccaneers swashbuckling antics, whilst enjoying music and entertainment for the whole family e.g. face painting, puppetry, crafts, story telling and balloon modelling! (All dates to be confirmed.)

Sat 23rd August - Brixham Gig Club's 1st Regatta!

An Army of volunteers have been making preparations for Brixham Gig Club's first regatta which takes place on the 23rd of August at Breakwater beach in Brixham. The position will make for very good viewing of all the races. Refreshments will be available throughout the day along with cakes and raffle prizes. Please come along and show your support.

Sat 23rd August, 6.30-8.30pm, adult £13, child £10 (ages 5 to 17), family £42 (2 adults & 2 children) - Coleton Fishacre - Outdoor Theatre: Treasure Island.

Follow Jim Hawkins as he travels the open seas and becomes entangled amongst fearsome pirates led by the mysterious Long John Silver. With plenty of swashbuckling action and tense atmosphere this adaptation is not one to miss. The London Contemporary Theatre comes to Coleton Fishacre as they present their take on the Robert Louis Stevenson classic. Set against Coleton Fishacre's views of the sea and with the tale set in Devon there could not be a more fitting spot for the adaptation.

Call 01803 842382 or visit to book.


The Riviera Singers are performing:

Wed 20th Aug - 8pm for 1hr approx - Fish Quay Brixham - Open air performances (Bucket collection for our funds).

Fri 19th Sep - 7.30pm - Churston Church - Agatha Christie week celebrations - For Church funds.

Sat 18th Oct - 7.30 T.B.C. - URC Church Babbacoombe - Joint concert with KCG Choir.

Wed 29th Oct - 7.30pm - Berry Head Hotel - In aid of Cheshire Home - Torbay Ukulele club with us.

Thu 27th Nov - 7.30pm - Berry Head Hotel - Concert for the Soroptimists - Some Christmas numbers.

Fri 12th Dec - 4 to 6pm - Carols at Brixham Library - With mince pies “A taste of Christmas.

Sat 13th Dec - 7.30pm - St Mary’s Church Brixham - Joint concert with the Orpheus Male Voice Choir.




Brixham Breakwater in Brixham will play host to a charity fishing competition on Saturday 27th September to raise funds for the RNLI.

The event is being run by Aaron Monk of Diverse Events in Plymouth, and his brother Karl Monk from Teignmouth. Together they are hoping to raise £1,000 for The Royal National Lifeboat Institution and this will be their first RNLI charity event.

Aaron was inspired to get involved by his brother. Aaron said, “The RNLI do such amazing things, saving the lives of many people, some of which are fisherpeople. We want to give back to the RNLI after they do so much for the fishing community. They rely on donations and fund raising too, so I'm just glad we can help. My brother and I have received great support from local fishing shops who are all keen to get on board with helping or donating prizes.”

The profits raised are being invested into The RNLI. The RNLI provides a 24-hour lifeboat search and rescue service with a fleet of more than 330 lifeboats plus a few hovercraft, along with lifeguards that patrol more than 180 beaches around the UK they save on average 22 people every day.
Tickets for the fishing competition from 1pm on Saturday 27th September are £10 for and all profits go to The RNLI. Tickets can be purchased in a number of fishing shops listed online at .

Featured Local Clubs and Groups:

Brixham Heritage Museum

01803 856267. Email:    Web site:

The Brixham Battery Heritage Centre Group
Will be open all year Mon, Fri & Sun 2 to 4pm free entry and free guided tours of the Battery Grounds. A fully restored Harbourside Defence Pill-box.

Battery will be open on other commemorative days for more information phone: 01803 852449 -

Brixham Hospital League of Friends

01803 858057.

Brixham Arts & Theatre Society (BATS)

Brixham Probus Club Meeting

Meetings are from 10am in the Catholic Church Hall. New Members Welcome. Call 01803 859475 or visit:

Brixham Yacht Club

South Devon Players

For Brixham Does Care

Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust: Berry Head & other Brixham Events.

01803 606035.

Brixham Model Engineering & Craft Society
Meet in the Churston Golf Club from 7 for 7.30pm. Call Peter 01803 552492 for more details.

Greenway and Coleton Fishacre National Trust

For National Trust events visit:

Brixham St Mary's Park Bowling Club

Brixham Bowling Club

Create Youth Theatre - Our youth theatre is perfect for any youngsters who want to experience performing. An excellent way to build confidence and make new friends. Each term we work towards our end show using script work, comedy, characterisation, improvisation, games, movement and singing. At least twice a year, our young actors perform in a professional theatre space. Create Youth Theatre: ages 7-11, Wednesday s 5.30pm to 7pm, Brixham Community Centre, Fore Street. Create Youth Theatre: ages 11-17.
Thursday s 6.30pm-8.30pm, Brixham Theatre. For further information contact Jo 07962 848002. /

Torbay Woodturners - Meetings held in the St Paul's Church Hall, Preston from 7.30pm. Contact Elaine on 01803 873648.

Brixham Horticultural Society - Catholic Church Hall, New Road, from 2pm.

The Brixham U3A (University of the Thrid Gae) - Brixham Rugby Club from 2 to 4pm. Enquiries 01803 858323 or visit:

Brixham Society of Art - Eden Park primary School, Brixham. Time 7:30 to 9:30pm. Dates & events:

Diary Dates for weekly meetings...

Mon – Bay Walks - meeting from Pitch & Putt Course at 10am along Gillard Road. Walk around Berry Head Headland and usually end up for coffee in the Berry Head Hotel. Call 01803 208870 or 857632.
Mon & Thu - Brixham Town Band Rehearsals (Mon & Thu 7.45pm) - Beginners 6.30pm Thu - Chestnut Drive School, Chestnut Drive...New recruits required.
Mon & Tue (from Easter also Wed) - The Brixham Pannier Market is held in the Scala Hall from 10 to 3pm.
Mon - WeightWatchers - at 6.30 pm at Brixham Rugby Club Club.

Tue - Bay Walks meet at the Brixham Harbour Office at 2pm. For more details call 01803 208870, 01803 855461 or 01803 854481.
Tue - Veteran Seafarers Association & Friends meet in the Fishermen's Mission, Overgang Road from 2pm. All are very welcome. Call for more details on 01803 859123 or 01803 854990.
Tue – Brixham Chess Club in the Fishermen's Mission on Overgang Road from 7 to 10pm. New Members Welcome. £2 a night (£1 for juniors).
Tue - Slimming World - Catholic Church, 43 New Road, Brixham, TQ5 8NB. Tuesdays 7:30pm. Consultant's name is Samantha 01803 883929.
Every 3rd Tue - The Brixham Heritage Museum Social Group is meeting in the Museum at 10.30am, for a friendly chat and a cup of coffee (or tea). If you would care to meet like-minded people, please feel free to join us.
Tue & Thu - Christian Book Shop from 10 to 12noon in the Brixham Baptist Church access via Church Hall door adjacent to taxi rank. Available: Bibles, books, music CD's and DVD's and much more.

Wed – Square Dancing from 7.30pm in the Catholic Church Hall. £2.50 per session. For more details Contact 01803 855433. Have Fun be healthy.
Wed - Riviera Singers - Fore St. Methodist Church meet from 7.30pm. To join or book for a concert call Chris 01803 883886 or Lynn on 01803 857331.

Thu - St. Mary's Church Brixham Bell Ringers Practice from 8 to 9pm in St Mary's Church. New ringers welcome. For more details contact Guy on 01803 853747.
Thu - Brixham Probus Club Meeting from 10am in the Catholic Church Hall. New Members Welcome. Call 01803 859475 or visit:
Thu – Brixham Orpheus Male Voice Choir will be in the Methodist Church Hall from 7.30pm. Contact Don on 01803 857331 or visit:
Thu - Slimming World - Brixham Rugby Club, Rea Barn Road, Brixham, TQ5 9EA. Thursdays 5:30pm. Consultant's name is Kerrie 01803 392034.

Fri - Fireflies Playgroup - The Beacon of Light Fellowship on Mount Pleasant Road, Brixham. Starting 9.30am to 12noon. All are welcome to come along and enjoy the fun with other parents and toddlers from Brixham and beyond.
Fri - The Island Club - Baptist Church Hall - 6.15 to 7.15pm for children (school year's 3-6) & 7.30 - 9pm for youth - 50p for children & £1 for youth with everything inside then free (except the tuck of course)!

Sat – Coffee Morning in the St Mary's Church, Higher Brixham from 10-12noon. All are welcome. Proceeds to go to outreach.