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Brixham's Mile of Pirates 2012, It's a record!

Brixham's 4th Pirate Festival took place over the bank holiday weekend and was well attended throughout the 2 days. With a Pirate Day full of family fun on the Saturday 5th May, Sunday 6th May saw a record attempt at a ‘Mile of Pirates' around the harbourside and up through the town.

Brixham Buccaneer Nigel James, an organiser of the Pirate Festival 2012 was very pleased with the Brixham Mile of Pirates attempt saying, 'It went really, really well and everyone was good natured'. The Mile of Pirates started from the Dorothy Perkins, Fore Street, going down to Kings Street, through the alley and up along the Brixham Harbour with the line of pirates nearly reaching to the Heritage Pontoon.


Nigel wanted to thank all the visitors and locals that came along to attempt the record. He also thanked all the local businesses that donated prizes for the raffle and wanted to say, ‘a big thank you to all the sponsors and fundraisers, marshals, volunteers, actors and entertainers, the re-enactment groups, South Devon Players, the Brixham Berserkers, Brixham Town and Torbay Councils, Beverley Park and Hoburn Holidays. Finally Nigel said that he hoped everyone had a good time and hoped that they would come back again!'

Brixham Buccaneer David Croney would like to invite everyone to the Pirate Thursdays with one on Thursday 7th June and then starting from Thursday July 12th and every Thursday after that until mid Sept. For more details on coming events and Pirate Thursdays then visit: http://www.brixhampiratefestival.co.uk/ or: http://www.brixhambuccaneers.co.uk/

Here is a selection of photos taken along the Mile of Pirates...if you would like the larger version then please email us the picture location and we will email back the larger picture.

We got the Mile of Pirtaes record
A good pirate story being told
A line of female pirates
A pirate child drops her toys
A selection of pirate weapons

A view down Fore Street pirates on both sides

Advertising the Mile of Pirates
Along the harbour wall
Do not mess with us
Double lines of pirates
Entertaining the crowds with songs and jokes
Groups of pirates
Hanging about outside Terry Darts
Happy pirates
Harbour end of the Mile of Pirates
Having a photo taken with Captain Jack Sparrow
Heading towards the end of the line
Is this the queue for The Captains Cabin
Its not real its animated manmade parrot
It's now loaded
Mile of Pirates heading along Fore Street
More pirates along Fore Street
Near the end of the Mile of Pirates line
No room to move for pirates
Parrot Bosun enjoys an ice cream large
Parrots are a big hit with the pirates.
Pirate finds something he likes at Kaba Kaboo
Pirate with a ship on his sholder
Pirate zone
Pirates along Fore Street
Pirates along the inner harbour wall
Pirates enjoy the sound of Perform a community choir
Pirates everywhere
Pirates galore
Pirates heading down to the harbour
Pirates of all shapes and sizes
Pirates on all sides
Pirates on both side of Fore Street
Pirates on the Golden Hind
Pirates on the harbour wall
Pirates on the wall waiting
Pirates outside Brixham Deli
Pirates outside Eric Lloyds
Pirates outside Lloyds TSB bank
Pirates outside pharmacy
Pirates outside Sue Ryder shop
Pirates performing a Mexican Wave
Pirates standing patiently
Re-enactments anyone
Singing and dancing and fighting
Start of the line for the Mile of Pirates from Kings Street to the Marina
Talking belly dancing
The line of pirates cuts through to Fore Street
The pirate line passes The Captains Cabin
Thumbs up from the pirate gang
Time for action
Too many pirates here
Waiting for the lead flag
Young pirates
What pirates
Where are they going
Who left that canon unattended
Yes Sir!
Young pirates love ice cream



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